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This picture is from summer solstice and now it is winter solstice. The weather is not much different today except cloudy.

Happy Solstice!

Yesterday was the darkest day. The sun rose late and went down early, and besides that, a heavy fog and drizzle covered the land. Last night was the longest night, but at 05:19 the tide changed. It’s supposed to get brighter till midsummer.

We’ll see!

Happy happy – the sun starts moving north again – or rather the earths northern hemisphere starts tilting back towards the sun.

And then the clouds got heavy, it rained and became dark, and the party got going. 

It will soon be spring. 

Midsummer celebration here is on the first friday after summer solstice. 

We get together with neighbors, discuss the weather and stuff, picknick in the green and dance around the maypole. 

The weather is grey, but I’m glad for the rain this morning. Now off to the old timers party all night. 

Later this evening