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After a day, the rejuvenating starter was doing great, bubbling and smelling fruity and yeasty, so I added more rye flour and warm water, a deciliter of each.

A day later again.



The smell and consistency are perfect. It’s up to full strength, so tomorrow I must make some bread and then the starter will be kept in the refrigerator.

I haven’t made sourdough bread for about 2 months. The starter was languishing in the refrigerator and needed to be revitalized, so I added some rye flour, warm water and let it grow in a warm corner of the kitchen. After a day it was bubbling.

I used 1 deciliter of it to make sourdough bread – the first for a long time. It turned out excellent.

In the meantime the garden is drying and warming up. I’ve started tilling, making beds and sowing.