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My first batch of light rye koji was dried and ready to use, so I boiled a kilo of french eco soybeans.

This time I’m using the rye koji made with Higuchi yellow barley tane koji. The next batch will be with the one from Gem Cultures.

I’m using the standard 2 year miso recipe.

It appears that I will be needing more miso for 2 years from now. I have quite a lot of rice koji left, so amid the digging and the holiday rush, I had better make a couple more batches. 

As you may notice, I couldn’t get any swedish grown soybeans this time. The grower has been having trouble with the soybean crop a couple of years now. So, organic beans from China will have to do. 

The miso will be just as good. 

The other day I boiled some soybeans for making 2 trial versions of rye miso that I can taste earlier. But I messed up and slightly toasted them in the end. Everything has to be perfect for this test, so I couldn’t use the beans. But they weren’t bad enough to throw away either. 

So, while a new batch of beans are cooking, I can use these to make some soy patties. 

Mix in onions

Herbs and salt

Oat meal and and whatever other stuff is desired

Mix and grind

Fry patties

Eat them

And finally, freeze in the leftovers. 

This seasons barley miso is made, now I will make three batches of rice miso. The first is a regular 2 year rice miso, consisting of 1 kilo of newly-made rice koji, 1 kilo soybeans boiled yesterday evening and 460 grams seasalt. 

Mashed and mixed,

Then put into jars for 2 years of fermentation,

I think I will make some barley miso tomorrow. 


I’m washing, rinsing and soaking a kilo of soy beans for tonights cook. 

The soybeans are, as usual, organicaly grown, in southern Sweden by soybean enthusiast and breeder Per Modig. 

A kilo of barley koji

I wrote green on the label, but can’t remember why (I made it last winter). It’s obvious that it’s barley which always goes green – perhaps this one was greener than usual. 

That just goes to show why it’s so important to keep good notes, labels and proper documentation. 

Better luck next time. 

The ground is frozen now, and it’s time to get into miso making.  

Ecologically grown swedish soybeans, seasalt and rice koji I saved from spring.  

Ground and mixed 
Todays result: 5 liters of 2 year rice miso.  

When I’ve used up the rest of the koji I made last spring, then I’ll have to make a bunch for next year. 

Now for a batch of Herb Miso
To the usual 2 year rice miso, I add some home grown herbs. This time; basil, thyme, oregano and some garlic to be fermented along with the swedish eco soybeans, rice koji and salt.


It’s time to get into miso and koji making again. I still have koji left from last years production, so I’ll use it first.

Rinsing and soaking swedish ecological soybeans for tonights boil and some 2017 years miso.

It is supposed be stormy tomorrow with wind, rain and even snow, so I took out the ingredients for making miso.

Soybeans, koji and salt.

I still have about ten kilos of koji I made in the spring. I can make quite a lot of various kinds of miso before I have to make more.

The soybeans are washed and put to soak for tonights boil.