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The wellpond full of rain.

As I’ve mentioned many times before we’ve had lots of rain this summer and fall and it keeps on raining almost every other day.

Last year this pond was nearly empty this time of year and we could dig it out quite a bit more. This year we haven’t been able to dig at all except once when the students were here for a work day.

The pond is in the shape of a spiral that spirals down to the bottom. As the groundwater recedes in the spring and summer one can walk further and further down the spiral path which will be paved in flagstones. At the bottom, about 2 meters down, there will be a well that goes down another couple of meters. Hopefully the well will be full of ground water all through the summer – even dry summers.

But this year we have plenty of water and could use better drainage instead. The rain hasn’t caused any problems for the crops. On the contrary, it’s been good, but if it keeps up, I’ll have a hard time harvesting the last roots and have to start working on better drainage.

In another part of the garden I’m making the foundation for a structure, and as soon as I dig a hole it fills up with water.



This vegetable spiral is now completely filled out. I put flowers and green manure seeds in the remaining beds. The vegetables in the earliest beds in the middle are growing very well, very much thanks to the intermittent rain.

Altho the early radishes got eaten by bugs, there are a number of crops ready to take into the kitchen. Spinach is my favorite, and there is enough to freeze in for later use too. And now there are radishes under fleece coming up nicely.

Summer 2011

Summer 2011