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I have been making rice koji steady since the middle of January – a batch nearly every three days. I now have about 15 kilos, and that’s enough for miso making this year plus some to sell. I’ve run out of tane koji for rice koji anyway, so now I definitely have to get more when we are in Japan.

This time one half (one of the two crocks) turned out greener than the other due to sporulation.

I had let them incubate longer – 54 hours instead of the normal 48. I will test for differences in the subsequent miso.

Now I must make a few batches of barley koji, but first I have to get some well hulled barley.

That’s not easy to find, but tommorow I’m going to visit an eco barley farmer who has a hulling machine we can hopefully tune just right.

After making 8 batches of rice koji, I’ve been making some barley koji too. The barley I use is slightly polished so that the aspergillus mold can penetrate the hull and the bran.

I follow the same procedure as I described in rice koji making earlier. There are, however, slight differences in odor, color, growth etc. The main difference in my procedure is that I use wooden (ash wood) boxes without lids, because these keep a better balance between air and moisture that is just right for the steam cooked barley.

The mold grows faster and flowers early on the second day. Still, I let it grow about 48 hours as with the rice.

The color at flowering (sporulation) is a rich greenish-yellow tan. When harvesting the koji, a cloud of mold spores rises, so do it carefully. Dry it and package it for later use in making barley miso.