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It is however starting to warm up!

But not time yet to put out the tomatoes.

It is time to start hanging out the laundry tho.

Here’s a video from YouTuber Jonna Jinton

She lives a bit further north.


We finally got a substantial rain – ca 16 mm the last 48 hrs – the first in months. Who would have thought Sweden would have a draught. The water table is at an all time low in many areas. 

Most of the spring chores, however, are done – seeds and plants in and watered mostly by hand. After the rain is a good time to start putting out the flax straw mulch, especially in the walkways. 

The first trays of cabbage are planted and covered with fleece. 

There are still a lot of pumpkins and squash left to plant out, but the cold nights of the first week of June are not in the weather predictions this year so…

Snow in the air, but soon spring will be here. 

It will soon be spring. 

Spring planting and sowing is done. All the crop circles are filled to the wedge edges. And it is raining (so no market today).

Out to the edges

I’m trying some pumpkins in the green house construction site this year.  

Even the hedges and trees and bushes are getting a weeding. 

Now summer is here! (in my terms). There are a few plants left to find places, mulching and weeding to do. And I’ve planted 2 new flats of lettuces and herbs to plant out for later for a later harvest. 



Nothing like a little bit of snow for equinox which took place at 04:30 this morning. Snow has been a rarity this winter.   

Itching to get dirty

But it’s way too early

Last views of Seattle  

and the mountains 

I had a wounderful time visiting friends and relatives and gardens and spring and more. Now I’m back home in cold, still wintery Sweden.  

I’m looking forward to getting back to building, pickling, koji and miso making.  

This last week has been nothing but weather – rain, wind and cold (but no frost). Today is stormy, and no fun outside, so I’ve mostly been inside reading. I also took a trip to a local nursery to get plants and supplies. I should also have remembered to get ingredients for a big batch of kimchi to make while indoors. 

While my own azeleas are flopping around, getting a thrashing in the wind, I visited the more protected rhododendrons and azeleas in a park in Enk√∂ping.  







Ahhh, the smell of it all!

Spring has come, or so it seems, a month earlier than usual. It’s been coming earlier and earlier the last 20 years or so, but more often than not, there is a relaps into winter, sometimes as late as in may.

This morning was cold and damp, leaving a covering of rimfrost (rime frost), and then the sun came out.