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We had quite a storm yesterday.

The wind tipped over the stage.

Not much damage done. We just tipped it up again, anchored it better, and hope we don’t get any stronger storms any time soon. The raftering for the temporary roofing will have to be better designed.

The Tipi is up in place. 

The stage decor is being made.   

We are getting ready for the annual garden party with music, art, food and events. It takes place next saturday (15 aug) from 1500 o’clock till all hours of the night. All freinds close enough are invited. 

A couple of picts from last year.   


A stage is being built for our first annual music in the garden. At least I hope we’ll have it each year. The stage has three parts. The main part is permanent and may get a roof later. It is big enough for a small ensemble of fiddles and accordians. The other two parts can be moved and are attached for bigger groups.

Joel, who plays in a rock band, is organising this event. 12 bands are playing most of which play a modern kind of progressive rock music. I still haven’t firgured out what that is but it sounds good.