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The ground is drying up nicely, so I can start to make the vegetable crop circles ready for this summers garden. I take out the sunflowers from last year, which I leave standing all winter for the birds and also for the sculpural effect especially in the snow.

Soon I can spread out the compost, till the dirt and make the raised beds for the plants and seeds, but first it has to dry out and warm up some more. And the plants, that are now in the cold frame, grow slower and will need a few more weeks to get bigger and hardier.

I’m starting out my starts ealier than last year. My first brassicas, lettuce and herbs.

It seems like every year it gets earlier. The weather is all of a sudden spring like, and I can’t resist.

The earlier starts are faring well in the mini greenhouse – herbs, lettuce and brassica.

Now it’s time for starting different kinds of pumpkins and squash, along with cucumbers, sweet corn, sunflowers and other frost sensitives. 

These trays are all full of dirt and seeds. When they start germinating they will have to go outside for more light. The mini green house will not hold them all (I’ll have to make another next winter), but I can put the rest in frames that can be covered with plastic, when it gets cold, as I’ve done before. 

We can have cold nights here until the first week of june. Then the plants should be a good size and hardy enough for planting out in the crop circles.