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Yesterday we took a trip to Preston Washington, where among things, there was a fabulous stone company – Marenakos Rock Center.

There was a fantastic expo of stone building, stone art and garden art.  





I only wish I could take some home.

The big thing today was that the first snow came. It snowed all day but didn’t amount to much at all. When it started snowing this morning, I got out in the garden to finish a couple of projects in case the weather got bad.

I did some digging.

Planted the last of the garlic.

Finished covering the stone work (temporarily).

Then went in and made some sourdough bread (baked this evening).

Plus four and a half liters of two year rice miso.


The arch is up!



I’ll reinforce it and let it set for at least a week before I take away the form, then get back to work on the rest of it.

The garden is pretty much ready to go. Ready for me to go on vacation, that is.

All plants are planted out. The seeds are sown. The crop circles have gotten their first big weeding. Most of the mulch is in place. And it has rained quite a bit the last 2 days.


Even the stone work is nearly high enough to start on the arch for the opening when I get back.

Now I’m off to northern Sweden for about 10 days of hiking, camping and visiting.