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There are always stones in this clay soil. Some are big and useful.

Like here for gathering warmth and mulching around this new planted Rondo grape plant.

This going to be piled higher – about a half a meter.

Some can be used as boarders too. There are so many uses.

I have a good supply that the farmer brings here from the fields around.

All shapes and sizes. For me and the farmer too, it’s like a pile of gold.

Barriers – keeping things in and others out – never work very well. However, they can look nice and facilitate mowing and digging. Doing stone work can be good excercise, if it doesn’t ruin my back.

I love stones and enjoy the work, and effect.

Soaking up heat!

And radiating it back out.

I’ve reached the top of the back wall and am done with this years stone building. 

Now during the winter, I can start building the the wooden superstructure. 

I finally got the stone embankment finished on the backside (north) of the gothic greenhouse. 

With a load of good shaped stones from the farmer and the help of my son, we rolled, slid and levered these big stones into place and filled in with gravel. This should help insulate, retaining heat while facilitating drainage. 

I was going to do the same for the front side of the greenhouse and have a perennial bed there, but I changed my mind. I can’t manage the weeds. So we took away the stones, dug it out, and I’ll just have a gravelly dirt embankment with grass that I can mow. That’ll be much easier. 

Digging dirt and rolling stones does wonders for the lazy winter body – straightening back pains and juicing up arthritis hands. 

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. 

Yesterday we took a trip to Preston Washington, where among things, there was a fabulous stone company – Marenakos Rock Center.

There was a fantastic expo of stone building, stone art and garden art.  





I only wish I could take some home.

No frost yet! That is good for the maize and pumpkins that are still ripening. 

But I’m getting close to the end of the stone building season. I may be able to keep doing stonework for another few weeks by covering over the fresh layer with a tarp when the temperaturs drop a few degrees below zero. 

A load of angular stones. 


Where the stones go. 


The arch is coming along and looks pretty good.



But it’s a lot more difficult than I expected. First, it’s harder to find stones with good angles so that they fit on all sides. And then the underside, which will be exposed later, is now hidden, so I can’t see what it will look like while building. I’m sure it will be quite a surprise when I take the form away.


Not that I haven’t been working, but because of the heat and the garden party I’ve had my attention otherwhere. Now back to garden work and building. The stone wall has been neglected for about a month because of the hot weather. I want to make the arch and continue layering the stones.




And get a half a meter done before winter sets in.