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I’ve finally come to the last corner of the front stonewall of the gothic greenhouse. Now I can take it easy and get other stuff done. And later get into planing, measuring and prototyping for the sides and the roof structures.

I’ve reached the top of the back wall and am done with this years stone building. 

Now during the winter, I can start building the the wooden superstructure. 

I’m filling in the spaces betweeen the stones I’ve cemented together for this section this year. 

I hope to finish this part next summer with another 40 – 50 cm. If the weather holds out I may get the other section completed this fall. 

A bitter cold wind is blowing, but the sun is warm. I spent most of the day in the sun on the lee side of the stone wall getting the tomato plants into bigger pots with lots of old manure. Ready for summer. 

The stonework is finished, and I am very happy with this seasons progress. 

I even made a television. The very first permaculture TV set in the world, as far as I know. During fall storms I can sit in the conservatory by the pot belly stove and watch the war of the ants. 

But now it’s time to cover the stonewall work in progress, to keep it dry during the winter freeze.  


I’m using up the last of the cement, mixing it with fine sand (1 – 3) and filling in between the stones before covering the wall over to keep it dry during the winter.   


Now on to other projects!

While the stone work is at a standstill because of the freezing nights, it’s been perfect weather for harvesting, cleaning out and turning over the soil. 

This crop circle is soon done and will be the pumpkin patch next summer. 

The stonewall is bedded in, waiting for warmer weather. If it doesn’t warm up, I’ll cover it over permenently for winter. Last year I did stone work until the end of October.   


No frost yet! That is good for the maize and pumpkins that are still ripening. 

But I’m getting close to the end of the stone building season. I may be able to keep doing stonework for another few weeks by covering over the fresh layer with a tarp when the temperaturs drop a few degrees below zero. 

A load of angular stones. 


Where the stones go. 


This is a never ending story. In fact, I will be very sad if it ever gets finished. 

I put a few more layers of rocks on this section. 

It’s up close to the height I want, so I moved tomatoes there to catch the sun and warmth while I work on the back section.  

Then in the fall, I’ll try to top it off for the winter with a couple more layers. This time permenently capping it with some ceramic half pipes I got at the farmers auction last sunday. 


Besides intensive weeding, it’s back to work on the stone walls. I hope to get this section done before winter.  

Here’s a picture of one of my greatest sources of inspiration – the Helen and Scott Nearing homestead. I wish I had started my project about 40 years earlier.  
I found this picture on internet and hope nobody minds me using it.