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Strange weather today!

They say that the remnants of a tropical storm blew in from the Gulf Stream today. 

A storm rolled in over us. 

Let this picture represent the storm in my mind and heart on a day like this. 

It was quite a storm yesterday and I thought the tarps were going to blow away, so this morning, I constructed this to hold them down better and keep them from flapping so much.

It was really nice and calm out, so we started a fire and roasted some vego hot dogs. 

With sauerkraut on them.  

Not really a storm, more like a hard breeze, but it sure is howling. It started blowing and raining yesterday, it continued all night, and now it’s getting colder and snowing. I have a bit of a cold, so I’ve hardly been outside at all these last two days.

A few days ago I got the tarps up enclosing the back porch workshop.


And the shed.

I did have to go out this morning and check everything that could get blown around, and everything was OK. And to replenish the bird food.

Gypsy wagon lying down.

Early this morning I was awakened by the wind and a crash. I had to get up and have a look. My premonitions were true – my son’s gypsy wagon project had blown over. Now he has to take much of it apart and repair what he can. He also has to reconsider some of the details such as height.

I was also worried about a very tall pole set up this summer for hops to grow on, but it held. I put on some extra ropes now to anchor it better. It too needs reconsideration and may get moved to a better place.

We get a lot of wind here. There seems to be a canyon-like flow through here to the valley below. I have been putting in a lot of trees and a hedge to diminish this effect, but it will take 20 years at least before we see much effect.