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To cover smaller areas, I designed a smaller covering that’s easier to move around. 

This row of strawberries is now well caged. 

4 new ones should be enough for now, but I think I will design a new kind  that is not as high, lighter and easier to move around, that would be better for lettuce and strawberries. 

It got warm and dry all of a sudden. Everybody here in Sweden wanted to get their garden in this weekend. At the local plant nursery most of the planting potatoes were sold out. 

I figure it is still early and everything doesn’t have to be done all at once – I take my time. Besides, the farm tiller was loaned out, so I got the farm mower and cut the grass.  
The dandelions had to be cut down to size, but I know, it’s a useless task.  
Trays sown for planting out later. 
Cherry and plum trees are starting to bloom. 
Fucshias and pelargoniums come out of the basement. 

Stray strawberry and other plants potted for sales.  

Hopefully I’ll get the tiller tomorrow, till a crop circle, make a few beds and plant some seeds.