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Yesterday was a hot day – too hot to work in the garden. Instead we went to a farm auction nearby.

Alot of big machines

Non that I needed. My big prize was this wire work/art.

I suppose it’s an egg basket for holding eggs in boiling water.

A couple of pictures of the garden at midnight.

Spring planting and sowing is done. All the crop circles are filled to the wedge edges. And it is raining (so no market today).

Out to the edges

I’m trying some pumpkins in the green house construction site this year.  

Even the hedges and trees and bushes are getting a weeding. 

Now summer is here! (in my terms). There are a few plants left to find places, mulching and weeding to do. And I’ve planted 2 new flats of lettuces and herbs to plant out for later for a later harvest. 


Everything is fine – the weather is perfect this summer – I don’t have to water, it’s cool enough to get in a good workday every day, and everything is growing well. But, I suppose I have to admit, it’s a cool, rainy summer so far this year. 

Some crops are a bit late, but no problem, we may still get a warm spell. 

If, however, the cool weather continues, and we get an early frost, it could be a disaster. It has happened a couple of times during my gardening career, that we haven’t gotten any pumpkins or maize because of a bad summer and early frost. 

But I’m not going to worry about that now. 

After 10 days of vacation up north, I’m back home again, and the garden looks like it’s in good shape.



The neighbor lady watered the tomatoes.

It rained a couple of times the first 2 days, so the rest of the garden is not as dry as it looks.





The weather has turned hot (nearly 30 degrees), so after a morning of mowing, raking, mulching and weeding neglected areas, I’m stretched out for a lazy afternoon. Maybe more gardening in the evening.

The tomato plants are all potted up for this year.


I don’t have good conditions for starting out tomatoes and peppers here, so I buy from those who do. I like to get one of each of about 20 different kinds – there are so many colors, shapes and flavors.

I put each plant in a big pot with plenty of cow or chicken manure in the bottom, place them along a warm south facing wall and tie them to bamboo canes when they start growing. It is also necessary to water them every day and add more organic fertilizer often during the summer.

Tomatoes are, of course, a best seller at the farmers market.

It’s warm, windy, the sun is shining almost all night and there is a promise of a little rain for this evening. Perfect for the Summer Solstice Celebration.

A picture from last year.

I always try to get all four crop circles filled out by solstice, and this year I succeeded. Yesterday I planted out all the remaining plants and seeds, leaving a couple of beds empty for a later crop of lettuces. Most of the first weeding is done too. Last year I was later by more than a week.

Now I can feel relaxed for a couple days of partying.