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It seems like this years weather has been near perfect. I got an early start, the last frost was much earlier than usual and it’s been warm and sunny with a good amount of rain. It’s growing very well.

There are plenty of weeds too to take care of before we head north for a little vacation.

Happy happy – the sun starts moving north again – or rather the earths northern hemisphere starts tilting back towards the sun.

This is a never ending story. In fact, I will be very sad if it ever gets finished. 

I put a few more layers of rocks on this section. 

It’s up close to the height I want, so I moved tomatoes there to catch the sun and warmth while I work on the back section.  

Then in the fall, I’ll try to top it off for the winter with a couple more layers. This time permenently capping it with some ceramic half pipes I got at the farmers auction last sunday. 


After a very long time with grey dismal weather the sun came out this morning.

The bird feeding station out side the kitchen window is still very popular. My camera seems to scare them away tho.



I have taken several days vacation in the far northern part of Sweden – north of the polar circle. The people who settled there have developed a gardening culture suitable to the cool weather, short growing season and midnight sun.

Through the ages they have grown barley, rutabagas, carrots, cabbages and many other hardy vegetables in the rich loamy soil found in most areas.

In the picture you see almond potatoes growing. These potatoes are a rare delicacy. They are rather small and have a yellow meat, almond shape, and a delicious unique flavor.

They are desease resistant and hold well under proper conditions all winter until the next harvest comes. Altho there are a number of similar potatoes around the world, none have the same qualities. And this particular variety does not grow well further south. They seem to be totally adapted to this harsh climate.