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Last views of Seattle  

and the mountains 

I had a wounderful time visiting friends and relatives and gardens and spring and more. Now I’m back home in cold, still wintery Sweden.  

I’m looking forward to getting back to building, pickling, koji and miso making.  

Everyone is complaining about the cold damp weather. I don’t mind it, but it did put a stop to our plans to wander in the Finnish mountains. Back at the North Sweden homestead It was cold too, but chopping wood sure warms you up.  

And it sure is nice the to keep the big caldron of water warm and the sauna in the bastu (bath cabin) fired up.  

The sun has come out now, and we are feeling much better, and hoping for some more midnight sun this evening before we head south again tomorrow – back to the garden.

Introducing Timo Garden

This is a picture taken in the fall of 2010.

Introducing Timo Garden

This is a picture taken about a year and a half ago with a less than good camera.