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The Hokkori pumpkins are already overflowing.

We had a tinge of frost last week, but very little damage. Corn plants got it worst. 

Last night was worse with major damage. 

A little bit of covering helps, but predictions say more to come, so it’s time to take in everything that is sensitive. 

We sowed 3 trays of pumpkins (hokkari, uchiki kuri etc.) and one of sweet corn. 

It’s early, but the weather is conducive. I’ll take them in tonight for warmth to get better germination then out again later. 

This weather should hold for the next 10 days. 

The pumpkin patch is in!


The pumpkin plants (kabocha, uchiki kuri, acorn, sweet potato pumpkin, and jackolantern-type and more) have been planted in a spiral, from the center outwards, with sunflowers interspersed and sweet corn planted in raised beds around the perimeter. 



Now for some mulching, weeding and perhaps a bit of watering. Soon this will become a sea of green, billowing in the wind. A calming attraction for meditation and rest in the bus stop. 


The frost came early and hard. It did some damage, but I managed to save the tomatoes, pumpkins and some squash by tarping them in.


I was a bit late. The frost was already forming, and these tarps didn’t do much good. Thank goodness it warmed up again later in the night/early morning.

The vines look quite dead, but almost all of the pumpkins are fine and can be harvested later at leisure – before the next frost.


And now I’ve gotten most of the sunflowers (for the birds) and sweet corn standing again too.


The rain has stopped, the sun is out, it’s warming up again and drying out. Maybe it is still summer, but it sure felt like fall had come the last two weeks.

The pumpkin patch always makes a good picture this time of year.



There are some pumpkins in there, but it’s hard to see how they can survive in that sea of green.


The sweet corn is ripening too.


A sure sign that autumn is around the corner. Here in Sweden anyway.