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Out back we have a cement ring with flat sitting stones positioned around it where we often make a fire for cooking dinner. Last night the weather was still and relatively warm. We fried some breaded baltic herring. 

Along with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, stir fried swiss chard, lingon berries and kimchi, all from our garden, it was an evening and meal to be remembered. 

The only thing not local was the organic white wine from South Africa. 

The forth crop circle (the caged garden) is the last area that needs some digging and turning over to be done. But there are vegetables still growing there.

Onions and red beets

Swiss chard


Red swiss chard

Green cale

Black cale

A little more harvesting, and then I’ll finish digging for this year. The cales last longest and should last until Christmas, so that area will get finished in the spring.

The boys put up the hop pole that was taken down for the winter.

The caged garden also got a covering of compost and black dirt and has been rototilled. I managed to make and sow a raised bed of colored swiss chard, onions, parsley and beets in this protected area before it starts raining tonight.



A new bed of vegetables.

I have to add new vegetable beds all thru the summer. Vegetables like fennel bulb, swiss chard, lettuce, radishes and spinach have to be regularly sown and planted out in order to keep a steady supply for the kitchen and the market.