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There’s not much growing around here, but the alfalfa is. Alfalfa sprouts are a winter staple. They are nutritious, full of life and easy to make.

Just wash good healthy seeds, rinse and drain them two times a day, and after a few days you have sprouts to keep in the refrigerator for about a week. Use in salads, soups and just about any dish.

Here is a basic hardtack sandwich with tahini and sprouts. Embellish with pickles, vegetables, cheese or whatever you have available.

At the farmers market today it was cold and rainy. I was sure glad to have my pickle sandwiches and coffee.

The sandwiches are made with finnish rye bread, tahini and pickle slices. As you can see, I cheated with a little bit of real cow butter too. Finnish rye bread is important – the best in the world – but any dark whole grain bread will do. The tahini is the dark roasted kind and of course the pickles are our own lactic fermented cucumber dill garlic pickles fermented since august.

It sure did warm me up along with the coffee and coffee bread from a neighboring marketeer.

Next weekend we are supposed to get really cold weather and snow, but we are going to try to get to the market one more time, perhaps with miso sandwiches for extra warmth.