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Not really a storm, more like a hard breeze, but it sure is howling. It started blowing and raining yesterday, it continued all night, and now it’s getting colder and snowing. I have a bit of a cold, so I’ve hardly been outside at all these last two days.

A few days ago I got the tarps up enclosing the back porch workshop.


And the shed.

I did have to go out this morning and check everything that could get blown around, and everything was OK. And to replenish the bird food.

After the last few weeks of occasional lite frost at night the tomatoes are looking quite dead.

I have been covering them with tarps on cold nights, but with heavy frost on it’s way and possibly snow, it’s time to pick all the remaining green tomatoes along with the peppers and eggplants.

These can ripen in a corner of the kitchen or in the cellar. They hold very well and ripen slowly. Some years we have had tasty tomatoes as late as a bit into december.