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Too cold – windy and rainy and almost freezing, so we stayed home from the market today. Working is the best way to stay warm out doors. More winterizing to do.

Tarps going up to keep things dry.

And me dry in my winter shop behind the house.

It was quite a storm yesterday and I thought the tarps were going to blow away, so this morning, I constructed this to hold them down better and keep them from flapping so much.

It was really nice and calm out, so we started a fire and roasted some vego hot dogs. 

With sauerkraut on them.  

I mentioned the storm yesterday. It was the strongest around here for a long time. This morning I had to go out and retrieve stuff.

Roofing retrieved with great difficulty from the adjacent field and weighted down with blocks and stones.

Barrels caught in ditches.

The tarps started blowing off.

The roof blew off the bird house.


The third crop circle is harvested, cleaned out, dug, turned over and leaved.

There is one more crop circle that needs some digging, tarps to go up and leaves to rake before everything freezes.

We are expecting more warm weather for the next 10 days, so I shouldn’t have any trouble getting the garden fully winterized, plus a little extra.

The frost came early and hard. It did some damage, but I managed to save the tomatoes, pumpkins and some squash by tarping them in.


I was a bit late. The frost was already forming, and these tarps didn’t do much good. Thank goodness it warmed up again later in the night/early morning.

The vines look quite dead, but almost all of the pumpkins are fine and can be harvested later at leisure – before the next frost.


And now I’ve gotten most of the sunflowers (for the birds) and sweet corn standing again too.


Predictions say a winter storm is on it’s way. The first with snow – a blizzard. I’ve prepared by taking in all loose objects and putting up tarps to keep the snow out of two winter work areas.

My workshop behind the house.

The garden tool shed.

I like to keep these open in the summer, so the tarps come down the first warm day of spring.

Then the wind came and blew it away.

Actually, I took the tarp off, because the wind was flapping it furiously and driving me crazy. I thought it might take off and fly away. I’ll put it back on the next time it rains. It did function well the last couple of wet days.

The wind is also blowing all the autumn leaves off the trees, so I can get busy raking them up for the compost.

The gothic greenhouse project looked like this at the beginning of this building season.

And like this a couple of weeks ago at the end of the season.

Now the weather is intermittent rain, and when it’s not raining it tends to clear up and freezes. I’ve covered the work with tarps for the winter.

With one part covered so that I can continue to lay some more stones before it gets really cold.


It’s pretty tight working conditions in there, but it functions.

With all the rain, the digging is at a standstill, and I can finally stay indoors a little more and get my backlog of computer work done. And next week I hope to start making a few batches of miso.

Not really inspired by Christo, I cover my incomplete greenhouse walls with boards, rugs and plastic tarps to keep them dry and warm for the winter.

The fresh cement does not fare well in the oscillating damp and freezing weather of the swedish winter, so this covering is neccessary. After every storm I have to check the damage to the tarps and reinforce them. In the spring I’ll open it up and start working on it again.

Some may think this is art too.