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Last year, at this time, the garden was waterlogged, and I still had to turn over the soil for winter frost processing. This year it is much drier and hopefully easier.

After some rain the day before yesterday, the soil again dried out enough to rototill the pumpkin patch that had been cleared after the frost. The tilth there is so good now, that I don’t have to turn the soil over. Turning it exposes the clay to the frost that breaks it down. Digging also helps keep the root weeds under control. Tilling doesn’t go as deep but seems to be good enough for now.

The ‘new’ herb garden also got a good tilling.

I’ve been working on this small crop circle for 2 years now trying to get the weeds under control. The center is fine but the edges still get a lot of roots coming in from the grass surrounding it. The outer ring is getting beds of annuals like garlic and cilantro, so that I can dig each fall for the next few years. I sow carrots and parsnips between the rows of garlic, giving them a bit of protection. They also germinate better and faster in the spring when sown in the fall. The center part will get a more permanent rockery for the perennial herbs.

It rained a bit last night making the ground just right for tilling without raising a dust storm.

It went so well, we did all but one of the garden circles today.

This circle above will be the pumpkin patch this year.

Last year’s pumpkin patch. This year it will have vegis and flowers.

Also flowers and vegis. Next year pumpkins.

The garlic planted last fall is already growing tall.

Late sun to the west, thunder on the horizon to the south, a few more drops of rain. Tomorrow we’ll make some raised beds and sow the first seeds outdoors for this season.

Now for some macroweeding.

I’m trying to make a new herb garden. The old one was further away, shady, and infested with oak roots.

I have been working on eradicating all the weeds from this area, but I know that’s impossible. Two years ago I put black plastic over the central part. A very effective method, but the outer parts still have a lot of root weeds ready to retake area. Then there are the seed weeds. Some survive the darkness under the plastic for years, others fly in anew.

So I’ve been rototilling, hand cultivating and weeding all summer, and still it doesn’t seem quite ready. I will however, as usual, prematurely start the rockery and planting this fall.

The old Agria tiller has been taken out of service. It was too difficult to move and start, so we got a new Husqvarna tiller together with the neighbors. Now all the garden spaces are tilled. If weeds take over before we get everything in the ground we may have to till some areas again.

Tilling the ground that has been turned the previous fall and now covered in compost loosens up the heavy clay soil we have here. It also mixes in the compost and aerates the soil. This gives me the tilth I want.

After tilling I threw up 7 planting beds and sowed carrots, onions, parsnips, spinach, dill, daikon, purslane and parsley.