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I’m back down in the flatlands near Pajala for the annual family reunion and visit to the Pajala Market. What caught my eye was this just right size tipi.

Small on the outside but big on the inside.

The company, Tentipi, makes them in Sweden with good quality materials. It’s a style designed with the Sami tipi in mind. They make really big ones too.

Here was also a cool variation from Tentipi.

More like a roof, the sides fold up.

The Tipi is up in place. 

The stage decor is being made.   

We are getting ready for the annual garden party with music, art, food and events. It takes place next saturday (15 aug) from 1500 o’clock till all hours of the night. All freinds close enough are invited. 

A couple of picts from last year.   


I took some pictures last week of the garden in full bloom.



Then came the Wik Castle Harvest Market. This year was the best ever with great weather, lots of people and record sales.

Then yesterday was the first fall storm that blew down most of the sweet corn and sunflowers.


A haystack fell.

The tipi had to be rescued before it blew away.

Now tonight it is supposed to get below freezing, so if it isn’t blowing too much I’ll try to cover some of the pumpkin patch with light tarps so they can continue growing and ripening for perhaps a few more weeks. And tomorrow stand the sunflowers and corn up again with supports.


We have visitors that like to work.

Instead of a workout at the gym Samuel did some earth moving.

From the pond/well to the mound.



And when Joel came home they put up the tipi.



We were supposed to get a big storm last night – Simone by name – but it didn’t hit us at all. Just the normal rain and wind. It did give me a good excuse to take the tipi down…


and batten down the hatches,

which had to be done anyway, often too late.

The storm was pretty wild to the south. Denmark registered winds strongest ever recorded. I’m glad it didn’t hit us.

After the pilgrimage to the deep north, the soil under my fingernails is finally washed away, handprint whorls cleaned of weed juice stains, thorn wounds healed, aches and pains assuaged, and the worries and woes of this
languishing soul have lightened up.

Now I’m refreshed and glad to be back at Timo Garden. Everything is looking good even tho it’s been very dry. The tipi has been put up too in the meantime.

And the vegetables are growing fine.

Now is the time for watering. I wish I could have taken a bunch of rain with me from the mountains.


We put our indian tipi up for the summer. It will serve as a guest home and party tent. It will also stand as a symbol of the importance of the indigenous peoples all over the world.

Introducing Timo Garden

This is a picture taken in the fall of 2010.

Introducing Timo Garden

This is a picture taken about a year and a half ago with a less than good camera.

Summer 2011

Summer 2011