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Tofu is great in miso soup. Almost a must. You can also make a tofu pickle. Just put tofu pieces in a jar of miso.

A day or two is good enough. Then wipe or rinse off and eat.

I put in some radish halves too.

 There are always some vegetables that survive the winter, especially this last mild one, like onions missed at harvest time and kale if it has been protected. Along with cubed tofu, these will make a great spring miso soup. 

After having been to the market the first day in Kobe, we eat the traditional japanese breakfast every day.

It is healthy and delicious, typically consisting of rice, miso soup and pickles.

The rice dish was already prepared by a nice market lady, so we just needed to warm it up. The pickles were sliced and fresh miso soup made with tofu, seaweed and green onions.

The kitchen is very nice, roomy and complete here at the Yume Nomad Hostel (which I highly recommend!)!



Dinner last night.

Tofu tacos are quick and easy to make if you have all the right stuff on hand.

Just throw some onions into an iron pan and sauté.

Use your fingers to mash one or two packages of fresh tofu into the pan. Mix in with the onions and oil, sautéing lightly.

Add a bunch of spices. A package of taco spice mix will do, or you can make your own mix with cumin as base. Garlic, basil, paprika, salt, pepper and what have you can go in – then mix.

Now, just add a little water and soy sauce to gain the right consistency, and let it sit on the burner a few minutes at the lowest heat to mature.

Serve with all the accessories.

Miso is a fermented food from Asia. It is easy to make and cook with.

Basic miso soup recipe

wakame seaweed

– place wakame in water
– bring water to a boil
– turn off heat
– add cubed tofu to water
– add diced chives
– add miso to flavor

This recipe can be adjusted endlessly according to which vegetables, tofu, seaweed and type of miso is available.