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Every Month on the 21st is the giant flea market at Toji Temple.

We should have gotten up earlier because we weren’t able to get around to see everything, but we started at the right end where there was seeds, plants, and garden stuff. 

We couldn’t find pumpkin seeds as they were out of season, but did get some seeds of vegetables they grow here late in the fall and winter. Hopefully we’ll be able to check out another couple of seed stores before we go. 

Anyway we found a lot of other stuff – clothes, utensils, food etc.

Used kimonos

Traditional garden pants

Roasted broad beans for a snack

Hot amesake with ginger for a pick me up.

And if that’s not enough there’s the ubiquitous coffee shop. 

Toji Temple in Kyoto has a flea market the 21st of every month.

We managed to get it in the last full day of our trip.

Lots of food

Here, piles of wakame seaweed and fish

Antiques, garden art and stuff



Even seeds and plants


It took us all day just to go around and look at everything. In the end we bought quite little – we had gotten almost everything we wanted already, and the prices were the same or higher than we had found in shops earlier.

Our bags are already full anyway.