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Yesterday I was at the annual Stockholm Garden Show. It’s always good and different each year. I could criticise some things that were not as good as last year, but then other things were better, so I won’t get into that. Here are some pictures instead. 

Dirt and wood chips everywhere sure smells good  
Making pointy sticks  
Best birdhouse competition 
Make your own solitary bee home  

Rustic recycled wood benches   

An old trunk is nice garden art  

A fence idea 

An electric powered wheel burrow  

And some old fashioned orange ones 

I bought 2 more traditional plum/prune trees.

There were also many plants, ideas, seeds, inspiration, tools, friends to meet again and much much more.

It seems like a never-ending stream of holidays and in between days of eating, drinking, visiting, reading and lazing about. It’s time to get back to work, even tho today is a holiday too (epiphany). 

Back to work on the new/old garden shelter.   

Old boards from the farm mill we tore down a few years ago. 
They are very weathered but will probably last another hundred years. 
Under the eaves will be a good place to store garden tools.   

Today I learned how to work with the various pneumatic chisels, and most importantly, how to work slowly with them.

And lo, a cluster of fruit seems to be emerging.

Organically grown of course – with all the imperfections and blemishes.