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Students from Uppsala University were here for a field trip yesterday, from the CEMUS program for sustainable development.

The weather was very cold this year, so they had to work hard to keep warm, spreading compost on one of the crop circles.

They were 20 this time, and it was hard work for me to keep them busy. We had a very good time tho.

The yearly field trip of students from CEMUS at the University of Uppsala came late this year. It got dark early, but we did get quite a bit of work done. We cleaned out the pumpkin patch, raked leaves, and sowed garlic.  

We sat around the campfire when it got dark, talking and eating pumpkin soup with accessories.

Alas, I didn’t remember to take any good pictures, but had to borrow these. 

Saturday afternoon a group of students from the CEMUS program (studies on sustainable development) at the Uppsala University came out for a field day. This is the forth year now.

The students from all corners of the earth did a lot of work cleaning out the dead material from the gardens, working on the compost piles and making new compost. They also dug all the rest of the potatoes and cleaned onions.



Then at the end of the day we sat around the fire and refilled our energy reserves.


It was a beautiful day, fun and we got a lot of work done. The compost never looked so good.


(Some of the pictures are from Ingrid Rieser)

The annual field day for the students of sustainable development at Uppsala University took place today. They came out to Timogarden for an afternoon of garden work. This year however, it was staff members from the institution that came for the day.

Because of rain yesterday we had to change plans in order to stay out of the mud, and do tasks like plant tree seedlings to extent the hedge.


Work on the compost, turning last years compost and starting a new pile with frost damaged crops, manure and rock dust.


And as the day warmed up and dried everything out a bit we did a little digging in the empty pond, piling the dirt on the mound.

It’s great for me to get some of the heavy chores of autumn done early.