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Fyristorg (Fyris Market in Uppsala) today. My first market this year. 

I have some pumpkins left and of course all the pickles including miso. 

There are a few flakes of snow in the air. Hope the costomers dare come out in this weather.  

While my 23rd batch of koji is growing well, I make my 6th batch of miso this season.  

That sounds like alot, but it’s not much work or time spent. If I was making for my family and friends, I would only make alot less. 5 batches of koji and 5 of various types of miso would be more than enough. But I make most of it for selling at the farmers market in Uppsala (Fyris Market).

And I’m not done yet. I have to make more than last year, as sales are increasing . I have to think ahead – 2 years ahead. 

Yesterday was a good day at the market. 

It was cold and windy but not freezing, lots of people and very good sales. 

It looks pretty meagre now, but it feels good. It’s been a good day at the market and hardly anything is left. 

All of a sudden there is lots and lots of vegies. 

And a good day at the market in Uppsala (fyristorg).

Yesterday and today we were at the Uppsala Vegofest 

Selling lactic fermented vegetables, miso and koji 

We had samples all the various items we had to sell.  

The shirt says, “my veterinarian is vegen, it feels safe that he doesn’t eat his patients” 

There were a lot of vegetarian and vegan groups, organisations, companies and with stuff to spread, sell or exchange.  

The weather was cold and cloudy. It rained, snowed, hailed  and was even sunny. And we met a lot of good people and had good sales.

On my way to the saturday farmers market at Fyristorg in Uppsala. 

After the weekly saturday market at Fyris Torg in Uppsala, I took in a bit of the culture carnival taking place all over town. The Linne Gardens, taken over by Carl Linnaeus in 1741, had a baroque theme to their activities, and a plant market, so I had to go. 

(In full bloom, official pict)  

Lean-to glass house

Dressed for the occasion  

Field cooking 

Charcoal fried herring 

Baroque dance 

The plant market, run by amatuer gardener clubs, was fabulous and inexpensive. I got 2 yellow-orange azaleas, 2 odd tomato plants, and a yellow peony. 

No car today, I filled up my sturdy japanese bamboo rucksack to go to the Fyris Torg farmers market in Uppsala this morning. 


As I stepped out the door, a flock of whooping cranes flew low over my garden and landed in the adjacent field, reminding me that I had forgotten my camera phone. Alas, I didn’t get a good close picture.  

Waiting for the bus 

The basket holds quite a bit.  

Preparing for the the first market of this year. 


There are a few old timers that come to the Fyris Farmers Market in Uppsala even through the winter selling potatoes, carrots, baked goods and other winter staples. 

I take a break during the coldest period. The weather has been quite warm and sunny this last week, so tomorrow will be the premier market day this year with a variety of pickles, miso and pumpkins.