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Fyris Torg, Uppsala

Sales are picking up now again as everyone returns from vacation and the students come back to university.

A very good load for the first farmers market this summer.

I found a surprisingly large amount of sales ready vegetables, flowers and fermented foods to take to the Saturday (today) Fyris Market in Uppsala.

Be there soon.


Most likely, today will be the last market day of this year, but if the weather appears to be irresistably nice one of the following saturdays, I might pack up some pickles and take a load of pumpkins to Fyristorg in Uppsala again before the really cold weather sets in in January.

Along with the old standby market lunch – swedish coffee and pickle sandwiches. The one on the left is finnish sourdough rye bread with dark tahini and kimchi and on the right the same with pickled carrots.


The early saturday morning sunshine on the pumpkin patch.

Picking and preparing vegetables and flowers for the farmers market in Uppsala.

At Fyristorg Market in Uppsala.



I was going to go to the Farmers Market at Fyris Torg in Uppsala last week, but chickened out when the predictions said cold weather. It turned out being a beautiful day, so this week I had to make it definite. We packaged the goods last nite, I got up early this morning and padded my bones with some porridge topped with raw lingon mash and a cup of miso broth.

Loaded up with a thermos of coffee and pickle sandwiches, I took off.

On my table, here at the market now, I have a dwindling supply of sauerkraut, cucumber pickles, pickled carrots, 2 kinds of miso, hokkari and other pumpkins that have survived the winter in the food cellar.

This is the first market for me this year, but some old timers have been here almost every week all winter. Today the weather is beautiful and warm. Sales are slow and sporadic, enough so that I can stand here thumbing my iphone, and I’m having fun.

On a sidewalk in Uppsala

Too many root beers? Or too few? Or too much other stuff?

After a cold morning at the Fyris market, where we sold out early, we took in an art exhibition and got a nice view of the Uppsala Botanical Garden from the parking lot.


We spent another Saturday morning at Fyris Market in Uppsala. I’m quite surprised at what sells. This time it was miso (a 2 year rice miso) along with japanese hokkari pumpkins in conjunction with an explanation on how to make pumpkin miso soup. Sauerkraut went well too.

Along with pumpkins we are taking miso, sauerkraut and pickles to the market each saturday at Fyristorget in Uppsala for a few weeks more.

It’s much easier to sell in small packages of 200 to 250 gms. The preserving jars are too big and add a substantial amount to the cost. And I prefer to keep them. The new ones don’t have as good a quality. Even if rusty, the metal hinging is stronger and makes a better seal on the older ones.

This miso is a rice miso fermented for two years. The sauerkraut is from the summer cabbage fermented from august. The pickles are cucumber dill/garlic pickles, also fermented since august.

I’ve been planning and talking about going to the Uppsala farmers market at Fyristorg to sell stuff, but I haven’t been able to get into it. There never seems to be time on fridays for preparing or on saturdays to get up early and get there, and stand there half a day.

But this morning, a little late, I got the bright idea to take the bus in to see how it works. So I threw a few japanese pumpkins into my bamboo carrier and hopped on the bus.