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Vegies are growing like never before.

And sales are very good.

Flowers too. Many of these bouquets are edible of course.

One more miso before closing shop for the summer.

This one is a regular chickpea (rice koji) miso for those who want to avoid soy and gluten. But that’s not all, it’s a very tasty miso and becoming popular too.

Now I can consentrate on the garden and vegetables and fruit.

Getting ready for the big one!

The yearly Wik Harvest Market. We are spending a good part of 3 days harvesting, baking, packaging, etc.

It starts tomorrow (16 sept) 11 oclock at Wik Slott near Uppsala.

The crop circles have each gotten a big dose of compost. It’s time to start the garden.

I got the tiller out and tilled the center of the first vegetable garden. The ground seemed dry on the surface, but was still quite soggy a few centimeters down, so I only did a little. Casting up raised beds was a bit heavy, but I made 8 and sowed seed in four.

I put in the usual first starters – onion sets, carrots, turnips, parsley, spinach and cilantro. Starting early before the dirt warms up and dries out properly gives almost always poor results, but I couldn’t hold myself.

Last year I started even earlier because the weather was so nice, then it went into freezing mode for a week. It all turned out OK, but later sowing was better. This year the prognosis looks like warm weather for the next 10 days and nights.

I’m now spreading compost on the vegetable growing crop circles. 


 Garden and kitchen refuse, manure, dirt, leaves etc. undergo a two year fermentation. It is now ready. 


The earlier raised beds I planted are doing fine – starting to come up. Yesterday I finished tilling the 2 vegetable crop circles and made 2 beds of potatoes. Today I made 4 more beds with a variety of early vegetables.     

Just before the rain came. 

It’s an early foggy morning and we are almost ready to go to the market.


Lots of flowers


Lots of vegetables and lots of lactobacillus fermented vegetables and miso.

Fyristorg, Uppsala, today Saturday.

The market day at Fyristorg was the best so far. Nevertheless, there are always a few vegetables and flowers to take home again, especially the squashes that everybody seems to have too much of.

Most of it we’ll eat this week, the pumpkins will be saved for later sales, the cucumbers pickled and the flowers will embellish the tables.

More picts from the vegetable garden.


After a good cleaning out, these winter cabbages look like they are going to be all right.

Kale and other brassicas are also doing surprisingly well after the onslaught of pollen beetles (Meligethes aeneus).

A big sunflower looms over the pumpkin patch.

Sweet corn (my favorite garden delicacy) surrounds it.

A hokkari pumpkin (I get the seeds from Japan).

As well as those for the uchiki kuri.

An acorn squash mingling with a hokkari.

A couple of gourds.

Then in the end, it all ends up on the compost pile of eternity.



The garden is looking surprisingly good in spite of the very dry summer.

I realized that I haven’t reported on the vegetable garden for some time, so here is a cavalcade of pictures from this morning.

This looks like a bunch of flowers, but there are carrots, onions, parsley and more in there too.

Spinach coming up where lettuce has long since been harvested.

Tibetan red barley

Sweatpeas – there are 4 kinds of peas and 3 kinds of beans.


Yellow squash

French ball squash

Cucumbers – there are a lot more hiding in there.

Well, this is enough for today. I’ll send the other half of the cavalcade tomorrow.