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The arch is coming along and looks pretty good.



But it’s a lot more difficult than I expected. First, it’s harder to find stones with good angles so that they fit on all sides. And then the underside, which will be exposed later, is now hidden, so I can’t see what it will look like while building. I’m sure it will be quite a surprise when I take the form away.


I’ve gotten up to the 1.5 meter level and the finishing touches are done, so now this section too will be covered for warmth and dryness until next spring.


Next year I hope to get this part done, including the arch above the opening, then landscape the area and plant a peach tree. There is a grape vine already getting established, if I don’t trample it too much. And more zone 1 plants will go in.

I just wish the yew hedge to the west – for cutting off the prevailing winds – would grow as quickly as the stone wall.