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It’s still drought even tho the weather has been a bit cooler. We have had a little rain, and we have plenty of well water, so almost everything is growing very well.

The pumpkins especially after watering and a good weeding.

Today has been the hotest day for at least a couple of years (30 degrees).

The drought over the past month and planting season has ended with the first rain. It was a thrashing rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.

The rain has cooled things down a bit. I can go out to work again, and I won’t have to water tonight.

I got all the tomatoes and peppers in.

The weather is unseasonably hot and dry. We have a good supply of water, but it takes a lot of time watering.

This last week we’ve had visiters from the USA – my brother, his children and grandchildren. They have been great help setting up, running and taking down at all the recent garden events. Along with lots and lots of help in the garden.

Now that I’ve microweeded thoroughly and created mini monocultures, I turn on the water. Soon the weeds will be back making polyculture again. 

It’s been very dry this spring, but almost everything has grown very well with a bit of spot watering. Now for some mass watering. 

10 mm of timely rain extends my watering effort from a few days ago. 

Typical weather for early June – dry, windy with cold nights. It should get better, and I can’t hold off and wait for it to get perfect. I have a lot more plants to plant out. 

Pumpkins and such 

We try to water a bit by hand, only where the plants and seeds are, rather than using a sprinker that wastes 90%.

We had a rainy and cool june and july, but now we are having a dry and warm august.  Very nice, but too dry already. I don’t like to water, but I have to now. 


Look what came out of the woodwork!

We’ve seen the mother several times this spring. Now she has come out with her babies (as many as 8 have been sighted). And they are not shy.

This is another good result for my unsightly piles of reclaimed lumber, other building material, leaves and just plain junk. The hedgehogs love to nest under wood piles and such. I’m also in the process of growing a long double hedge to to the west as a wind break and wildlife refuge. I hope they like it.

It is an eclectic mix of all sorts of bushes, trees and vines that will provide shade, wind protection, flowers, nectar, fruits and nuts. It needs a lot of watering in this dry weather we are having now. I won’t be satisfied till it’s about 4 meters high.

After the pilgrimage to the deep north, the soil under my fingernails is finally washed away, handprint whorls cleaned of weed juice stains, thorn wounds healed, aches and pains assuaged, and the worries and woes of this
languishing soul have lightened up.

Now I’m refreshed and glad to be back at Timo Garden. Everything is looking good even tho it’s been very dry. The tipi has been put up too in the meantime.

And the vegetables are growing fine.

Now is the time for watering. I wish I could have taken a bunch of rain with me from the mountains.