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Yesterday we got a mini snowstorm – high winds and it snowed all day.

I was worried, but the dome didn’t blow away.

I got my skis out and tried skiing, but it’s not yet enough snow for good cross country skiing.

It’s supposed to snow all day today and a little tomorrow and then get cold, so I can hope to get some skiing in this year.

And it is wonderful when everything is white!

Strange weather today!

They say that the remnants of a tropical storm blew in from the Gulf Stream today. 

We sowed 3 trays of pumpkins (hokkari, uchiki kuri etc.) and one of sweet corn. 

It’s early, but the weather is conducive. I’ll take them in tonight for warmth to get better germination then out again later. 

This weather should hold for the next 10 days. 

I finally got the apple trees pruned. And the weather is great again. 


Everything is fine – the weather is perfect this summer – I don’t have to water, it’s cool enough to get in a good workday every day, and everything is growing well. But, I suppose I have to admit, it’s a cool, rainy summer so far this year. 

Some crops are a bit late, but no problem, we may still get a warm spell. 

If, however, the cool weather continues, and we get an early frost, it could be a disaster. It has happened a couple of times during my gardening career, that we haven’t gotten any pumpkins or maize because of a bad summer and early frost. 

But I’m not going to worry about that now. 

This last week has been nothing but weather – rain, wind and cold (but no frost). Today is stormy, and no fun outside, so I’ve mostly been inside reading. I also took a trip to a local nursery to get plants and supplies. I should also have remembered to get ingredients for a big batch of kimchi to make while indoors. 

While my own azeleas are flopping around, getting a thrashing in the wind, I visited the more protected rhododendrons and azeleas in a park in Enk√∂ping.  







Ahhh, the smell of it all!

Spring has come, or so it seems, a month earlier than usual. It’s been coming earlier and earlier the last 20 years or so, but more often than not, there is a relaps into winter, sometimes as late as in may.

This morning was cold and damp, leaving a covering of rimfrost (rime frost), and then the sun came out.




It is supposed be stormy tomorrow with wind, rain and even snow, so I took out the ingredients for making miso.

Soybeans, koji and salt.

I still have about ten kilos of koji I made in the spring. I can make quite a lot of various kinds of miso before I have to make more.

The soybeans are washed and put to soak for tonights boil.


The weather is never just right in the spring – too cold, too warm, too dry, too much rain, windy – and we have had all of these. With a little protection, the plants started early for later planting out have come along fine with a few exceptions.


At the end of a very cold windy week and with rain and better weather predicted, we got out in force and planted beds of letuce, fennel, onions (always more onions), the last potatoes, most of the brassica and more. Here with some temporary wind protection.




The weather has been fabulous the last couple of days.

The ground is drying out much earlier than last year, and it is really difficult waiting.

I feel like plunging into the spring garden work, but I know there will be a change in weather sooner or later. Starting too early never seems to be any good in the end. I must stick to my ingrained schedule.

Besides there’s no sense in starting anything big now when we are going to be away in Japan for a few weeks. We’ll have plenty of time to do the spring work when we get back.