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After a very long time with grey dismal weather the sun came out this morning.

The bird feeding station out side the kitchen window is still very popular. My camera seems to scare them away tho.


While other parts of the world freeze, the weather here has been very mild. In fact, the southern part of Sweden is still officially in a state of autumn. It’s soggy and muddy in the garden, so not much is getting done except for some digging on the few frosty days we’ve had and carpentry.

There are still a few greens still to be harvested.





But, It looks like snow today.

And the weather is supposed to turn freezing cold. We may get a proper winter after all.

I can do some more digging and rockery as ground freezes.

A couple more herb beds.

And then get back into winter carpentry. The portal got some shelving these last few days.


This morning we looked out upon more frost.

Notice this stone buddha has frost on the top, but around the base the grass is frost free.

Hopefully the tomatoes were well enough protected.

Under the tarp is an unripe prize uchiki kuri.

Predictions say the frost is over, and we’ll have warmer nights for the next 2 weeks.

First frost is a major event here. This year it occurred last night – that’s about two weeks earlier than it has been the last couple of years. We saw it coming so major picking of pumpkins and maize as well as covering crops was in order. It was a light frost so no real damage, but tonight could be worse.

We have picked all the rest of the ripe pumpkins today. Some unripe pumpkins remain in the field and will be covered. The weather might just warm up again.


Today has been a good example of the so called typical weather of April. This morning was sunny and relatively warm. We changed from winter to summer tires on the car. At lunch time dark cloads came in from the north, and it started snowing. It didn’t stick, so we decided to take an excursion to the local bird sanctuary – Hjälsta Viken. On the way the car nearly got stuck in the accumulated snow on a shady, high point in the road. We did get through of course.

There, on a sunny slope we found our favorite sign of spring.

A group of blue liverwort – blåsippa (Anemone hepatica syn. Hepatica nobilis) – and a white one too.

Then we took a walk across the old lake that is becoming a swamp loved by birds and bird watchers alike.






There were not many birds to see for all the ice and snow, but with the intermittent warm and cold, sunshine and snow, light and dark it’s been a dramatic day, and it looks like it will keep up through the night.

After a couple of days in Southern California, like at Laguna Beach where the ocean and the sand and the rocks and the surfers make beautiful gardens,

And a couple weeks in the Seattle area with its equally beautiful curd side gardens

And Ballard Farmers Market with fresh greens

We are back home in Sweden. It will be some time yet before we can start gardening outside here.


Winter has definitely arrived. It was minus 18 degrees centigrade this morning. I’m very glad I got all my digging done in time. Now the garden will go into a rest period until the weather warms up again in march/april next year.

My next main winter project will be to make a couple of cabage protection cages and to make a large batch of lactic pickled carrots. More on that later.


The mornings are nice and sunny. Then around 1400 o’clock the dark thunder clouds roll in. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Rain comes in short but intense showers that mash the clay hardening the surface when it drys The ground is very saturated and waterlogged in places. The garden circles, however, seem to have good enough tilth to be able to handle it.

Everything is growing fine, but there are tendencies to dampness related sicknesses starting to appear.