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It started out stormy with rain, thunder and lightning, later it got sunny but still with high winds.

A lot of people stayed home, but enough came to make it a fairly good market day.

The next market is the one at Wik Castle. It’s the biggest and best of the year. I thought I’d better start preparing earlier this year, so I started picking pumpkins.

I discovered that the rodents too have found them tasty, so I had better pick all now before they eat too many.

And get some better rodent prevention in place.

This whole week has been a time of preparation to get ready for the big Christmas market at Wik Castle. It’s our first time this year, so it will be interesting to find out how good it is compared to our usual Fyris Market. At Wik we will be indoors, so that will be an improvement.

We are making small pumpkin pies.

Apple cakes with saffron,

My latest invention – pumpkin pie spiced with saffron.

Along with a big load of miso, fermented vegetables and pumpkins, we have plenty of stuff to sell.

The Wik Skördefest this year was a bit different. There was a new team of organisers with some new ideas – many more sellers over a wider area, more publicity and new positions for us old timers.

I was a bit dismayed, but the weather turned out great, the crowds were bigger and our main customers were able to find us, so sales were good,

especially for the fermented foods.

Today is the day for the yearly harvest festival market at Wik. 

Better than ever!

Fantastic weather and crowd at the Wik Harvest Market. 





Today again I missed the farmers market in Uppsala. Last week it was because of the culture night, today because we are getting ready for the annual harvest market at Wik Castle.




We’ll also have a lot of prepared foods such as sauerkraut, miso, baked goods and pear sauce.

Tomorrow, Sunday, starting at 11 oclock, Wik Castle.

As the fall equinox infolds we spent the day at the harvest market at Wik Castle.

The weather was nice and the sales very good. There was lots and lots of handicrafts, prepared foods, fruit and vegetables and more.

I bought a japanese waltnut tree seedling from this guy.

It wasn’t hard for him to convice me that the walnuts from this tree would probably be very much like the black walnuts I ate as a kid. We’ll see in about 20 years.