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At another place on this farm, once upon a time, there was a thorp. Someone at this thorp planted a cherry tree. The thorp is now gone, but the cherry tree has spread seedlings all over the hill, and this year seems to be a good year for cherries.

Actually we call these fågelbär (birdberries). They are quite small but sweet. They also have a sour, slightly bitter cherry flavor.

One of my customers insisted on buying a couple of liters so he could make a cherry liqueur with vodka and sugar. In the drizzle this morning I picked his cherries and also pulled up three seedlings to plant into the garden. These wild cherries are so good that I have to have some close at hand.

Last week my son made the best cherry pie I’ve had since I was a kid with them.

In an old, drained bog in the swampy area of this farm, raspberries have established themselves and are in abundance this year. We picked a bucket this morning before the rain. The timely rain (it was getting a bit too dry again).

Cleaned and packaged to be put into the freezer for winter jams and such.

I have raspberries in the garden, but they are never enough, and the wild ones are more abundant and much tastier.