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When the prevailing wind blows from the west the portal to the caged garden becomes a wind tunnel, so instead of putting on doors, I built a windbreak with some old lumber.
It’s portable, and can be moved depending on the direction of the wind.

The weather is stormy today, so the windbreak is getting a good test, and it works pretty well. For really bad storms, I’ll have to tie it down so that it doesn’t blow away. This spring it will get a coating of falu red paint.

The hedgerow

I’ve been working on this hedge for 5 years now, and it’s going slow, but it’s starting to take root. We get a lot of wind mostly blowing from the west, so I’ve been planting trees and bushes along the western edge of the garden as a windbreak.

I could never afford to buy a full grown hedge, so I dig up seedings whenever and where ever I find them, plant them in pots to get them going and then plant them out along the hedge row in the fall.

This hedge is a mix of any hedge plant I find interesting – hazel, lilac, maples, rowen, oak, roses, grapes, hawthorn, walnut, honeysuckle, beech and many more. Maple seedlings are the easiest to find and propagate, so they have become the backbone. I also buy some trees and bushes when ever I can find them cheap.

Last fall I completed planting the first row, and started a second one parallel.

At Grönsö estate nearby I saw a double hedge of mostly maple about three meters high which formed a tunnel. I’m going to do the same. I’ll let it grow to about 4 meters and keep the inside clear.

With all the flowers, berries and nuts it will become a refuge for bees, insects, wildlife and birds. We can harvest some of the produce too. This is one of the main ideas of permaculture.

Tree planting mixture

Over the years I’ve improved my planting methods. I dig a bigger hole in the clay soil, fill it with planting mixture, water, plant the seedling and water lots until it gets established. This mixture consists of clay soil, sandy gravel and black dirt. It seams to work very well. They also need chicken wire protection from deer, and a stake each to be able to find the plant when weeding. Then in about twenty years time it will grow to become a proper hedge and wind break.