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Out back we have a cement ring with flat sitting stones positioned around it where we often make a fire for cooking dinner. Last night the weather was still and relatively warm. We fried some breaded baltic herring. 

Along with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, stir fried swiss chard, lingon berries and kimchi, all from our garden, it was an evening and meal to be remembered. 

The only thing not local was the organic white wine from South Africa. 

We got some yeast (for port wine) at the local wine makers shop. Now it is mixed into some of the apple juice and brewing in the cellar.


We picked the remaining apples from our tree including good ground falls, washed them and took them to the apple press at Ransta Trädgård.



In the press


Now we have about 40 liters of delicious apple juice to drink up quickly, or freeze in, or make cider or wine. In the end some will become apple cider vinegar.