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Ya, I’m getting into it. Doing the fall digging for next spring is one of my favorite garden chores

A little bit of yesterddys mowed grass doesn’t hurt.

A lot people prioritise things like bigger, faster, mostest and firstest or more money and less work. Not me, quite the opposite – fun, rest, beauty, artistry and recreation (work) are top priority. I get a lot more profit that way.

Not to speak of the health benefits of dirt, and of course the wonderful smell of fresh turned dirt.


It seems like a never-ending stream of holidays and in between days of eating, drinking, visiting, reading and lazing about. It’s time to get back to work, even tho today is a holiday too (epiphany). 

Back to work on the new/old garden shelter.   

Old boards from the farm mill we tore down a few years ago. 
They are very weathered but will probably last another hundred years. 
Under the eaves will be a good place to store garden tools.