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The newly turned dirt gets a sprinkling of golden worm food for the winter.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

I’ll probably be digging and raking till new years again this year.

The autumn leaves fall, get raked and then moved.

Most are placed in the compost area – on the piles, some in between to keep the weeds down and more waiting for future piles.


As worm food for the winter in the newly tilled crop circle.

For warmth and protection around bushes.

In the end there not much left but fiber, minerals and trace elements, but that’s good. Very good for soil fertility and tilth.

While slowly and carefully digging potatoes, trying hard not to damage them, I had a good look at the dirt yesterday.

Altho it is dry the dirt is still retaining a bit of moisture. It is penetrated with thousands of roots and worm tunnels, and infused with coarse compost, twigs, pebbles, sand, seeds, eggs and worm castings, not to mention all the unseen bacteria, fungi, protozoa and such. It couldn’t be much better.

Nice tilth too!

The dirt in one crop circle is now dug and turned over. The sunflowers are left for the birds. I feel quite satisfied.

Some people think this looks naked – that the ground should always be covered, but it doesn’t bother me. I like the tilth that comes from the clay freezing. This garden, however, was so cleaned up before turning that I started to feel sorry for the worms.

So I raked up and threw out a couple of wheelbarrows of leaves for the worms. It looks kinda nice too.