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After a day, the rejuvenating starter was doing great, bubbling and smelling fruity and yeasty, so I added more rye flour and warm water, a deciliter of each.

A day later again.



The smell and consistency are perfect. It’s up to full strength, so tomorrow I must make some bread and then the starter will be kept in the refrigerator.

The weather is getting more and more conducive to staying indoors and doing kitchen activities.

I haven’t made sourdough bread since spring, so the starter looks pretty bad.

A few spoonsful of old starter from the bottom in a new jar with some rye flour, wheat flour, honey, and some warm water, mixed and left in a warm place, should get the yeast and lactic acid bacteria growing again. Make sure the honey, a source of active yeast, has not been heated or pasteurised.


If this doesn’t work, we can always get some from someone else or start from scratch again.

We got some yeast (for port wine) at the local wine makers shop. Now it is mixed into some of the apple juice and brewing in the cellar.