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Almost everything us sown and planted and coming up fine. This crop circle is watered, weeded, cultivated and covered too. There is more to be done in the others, but it’s quite early still. I seem to be on top of all the chores for once (if I don’t think about it too much).

Have a good Midsummer Nights Dream!

Yesterday was the big day actually. Anyway hope things equalize soon.

Actually we had to have it cut down, because it was leaning precariously towards the house, before it falls.

The ’Tree picker’ came with a big truck equipted with a remote control crane, saw and grip.

Swish, swish, swish and it was down in a couple of hours. All that was left was a tall stump and a pile of branches and debris.

I thought it would be traumatic – our favorite tree – but we managed quite well. It looks pretty good already and opened up a whole new space.

After a week and a half vacation to the old homestead in northern Sweden foraging – picking cloudberries etc.

We are home agian. I can meditate watching the garden ripen.

And do some harvesting, weeding and digging in the meantime.

A glorious winter morning!

Great for skiing!

We’ve already been out skiing once, which is more than what I have done the last two years. And it’s a good thing I’m done with the digging for this season.

happy new year

Photo; Fredrik Forséll

Our neighbour has a drone and took a picture of our garden earlier this summer. It must have been in the later half of june, when the garden was in and still not too flourishing.

Now it’s december and soon solstice. It’s time for the winter break and getting ready for yet another growing season. This year has been good and next year will undoubtedly be better.