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A glorious winter morning!

Great for skiing!

We’ve already been out skiing once, which is more than what I have done the last two years. And it’s a good thing I’m done with the digging for this season.

happy new year

Photo; Fredrik Forséll

Our neighbour has a drone and took a picture of our garden earlier this summer. It must have been in the later half of june, when the garden was in and still not too flourishing.

Now it’s december and soon solstice. It’s time for the winter break and getting ready for yet another growing season. This year has been good and next year will undoubtedly be better.

It’s a cold early saturday morning before going to the market, a hearty breakfast is neccessary.

Oatmeal mush with lingonberry jam, yoghurt and rosehip powder, a cup of coffee, and of course a cup of miso.

Happy Solstice!

Dandelions in all their glory, but I love the sight and smell of new cut grass.

Still life on the deck