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Some of the crew taking a break while setting up up for a big party in the garden. 

A few days ago a project group from Uppsala University came out to take part of some spring activities in the garden. 

In spite of the less than conducive weather, we got a lot done, like getting the pumpkin patch ready – harvesting some winter survivors, weeding, spreading compost and tilling. 

We also started a new compost pile in the empty space. 

In the other crop circles we planted potatoes and made raised beds into which we put in leeks and onions and carrot seeds.

A little bit of everything. 

We were out on a yule excursion the other day and found these sloe. Delicious after the frost and thaw. The birds love them too. 

Happy New Years Eve!

The floors are finished, or rather the floor and platform are finished.

The platform is for sitting, resting and sleeping. And for storing garden tools under. 

After cleaning out the gothic greenhouse construction site, this old tarp fits perfectly for keeping boots out of the clay and roots smothered in the clay.

I’m filling in the spaces betweeen the stones I’ve cemented together for this section this year. 

I hope to finish this part next summer with another 40 – 50 cm. If the weather holds out I may get the other section completed this fall. 

The whole crew made an excursion to the woods to pick berries and mushrooms. 

Besides the traditional coffee break, we found blueberries, lingon berries and a few chantarelle. 

And a blueberry cobbler for dessert. 

The rest was dried, frozen or made into jam. 

Now it’s already the day after. It was better than ever, more of everything and the weather was great too. Here are some pictures. 

Lots of friends


Vegetarian chili

African dance

A top for the dome

The art tent

Me and my kites

In the art tent – DIY and interactive video art

Era Isabell

A night trail in day glow

Breakfast after a long night. 

Finishing touches

More getting ready. 

The Tipi looks majestic. 

The weeding is never done, but I’m always trying. 

We finaly got the roof on the new shed. It took a team of six to figure out the angles etc. 

The food tent is up. 

And still there’s lots more to do before the big garden party tomorrow. 

It looks like the weather will be great. 

This coming Saturday we again have our big garden party (Den Stora Trädgårdsfesten). It will be the fifth time. The whole family, neighbors and freinds are busy helping getting everything set up. 

There will be lots of music, art, and food. If you are in this area please come. All are welcome!

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