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The party was great and many people stayed to have breakfast, lounge, help clean up and revert the area to a state of natural spiffiness. There was, of course, lots to sort and take to the recycling center.

Including a small amount of fermentables to start out a new compost pile.

For the big garden party today.


Some are expecting rain

Our food tent

Another food tent

Many artists are already here to set up their projects

My own project – The Zen Dirt Garden

Carefully weeded and cultivated!

This shed is almost completely made of salvaged building material. 

Some really old lumber that anyone else would take to the dump. 

But with a coat of red barn paint (falu red) it looks like new and will probably last another 50 years. 

I had a big birthday party the other day. I might as well say it – I ‘m 70 now. 

And feeling pretty good. 

The presents I got were mostly trees, bushes and plants. But the biggest and most impressive was this;

brought in by tractor by the farmer here –  a present from Magnus Eriksson and his family. 

A found object from some corner of this farm. 

A fantastic work of art formed by volcanos and carved by glaciers. 

Getting done.

It’s done!

Except for some natural preservative painting as well as fixing the dirt and foundation later. 

This recycled graffiti plywood backside will hopefully be visited by some local graffiti artist and get a more colorful paint job, preferably in shades of green. 

The floor is in now too. 

The main building is done – the foundation, frame, walls, roof and floor, but there’s still a bit left. Mostly the trimmings. 

Finishing touches

Spring planting and sowing is done. All the crop circles are filled to the wedge edges. And it is raining (so no market today).

Out to the edges

I’m trying some pumpkins in the green house construction site this year.  

Even the hedges and trees and bushes are getting a weeding. 

Now summer is here! (in my terms). There are a few plants left to find places, mulching and weeding to do. And I’ve planted 2 new flats of lettuces and herbs to plant out for later for a later harvest. 


A bitter cold wind is blowing, but the sun is warm. I spent most of the day in the sun on the lee side of the stone wall getting the tomato plants into bigger pots with lots of old manure. Ready for summer. 

Yesterday I was at the annual Stockholm Garden Show. It’s always good and different each year. I could criticise some things that were not as good as last year, but then other things were better, so I won’t get into that. Here are some pictures instead. 

Dirt and wood chips everywhere sure smells good  
Making pointy sticks  
Best birdhouse competition 
Make your own solitary bee home  

Rustic recycled wood benches   

An old trunk is nice garden art  

A fence idea 

An electric powered wheel burrow  

And some old fashioned orange ones 

I bought 2 more traditional plum/prune trees.

There were also many plants, ideas, seeds, inspiration, tools, friends to meet again and much much more.